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Audio Sermons

We pray you enjoy these sermons as you listen as God's Word is shared. 

Title Author Date Duration
Audio 4-18-2018 Behold the Tears WED Rev. Robert W. Mack Apr 18, 2018 00:44:30 Dialup Download
Audio 4-22-2018 Sun P.M. Gods Principals W ork PM Rev Robert W. Mack Apr 22, 2018 01:03:00 Dialup Download
Audio 4-22-2018 AM Never Underestimate the Power of Your Testimony AM Rev Robert W Mack Apr 22, 2018 01:03:28 Dialup Download
Audio 4-29-2018 Sun P.M. Having the Right Heros PM Rev Robert W. Mack Apr 29, 2018 00:55:54 Dialup Download
Audio 4-29-2018 AM Generosity AM Rev Robert W. Mack Apr 29, 2018 00:56:40 Dialup Download
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